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Conscious of their role in society, CLIPER Cerâmica SA has been creating value in a responsible way, seeking to satisfy all its stakeholders, including its customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, community and public institutions.
In setting its policies and strategies, CLIPER Cerâmica SA is guided by a set of ethical principles concerning the different aspects of social responsibility (human rights, labor practices, environmental practices, community involvement / local development, innovation), seeking to maximize the positive impacts and reduce or eliminate the negative aspects of their activity.

The culture of continuous improvement is consolidated in CLIPER being its management system certified according to NP EN ISO 9001. There is a strong concern about investing in the training and involvement of internal stakeholders, enhancing communication and an effective strengthening of individual and collective skills, trying to create conditions for the consolidation of an innovation culture.

Eco-efficiency is one of the values of the company that is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activity by incorporating this area in their strategic management throughout the evaluation of their environmental performance and integration of new legal requirements, such as those associated to the area of environmental responsibility. It develops practices that prevent pollution, or at least reduce, ensuring appropriate final destination for the waste generated, focusing on recycling / recovery. CLIPER Cerâmica has an ongoing concern in the rationalization consumption of raw materials and consumables, energy and water.

Regarding human rights and labor practices the company’s participation in the project “Managing for Equality” (Gerir para a Igualdade) highlights the integration of these values into their strategy.
The Participation in CER project and the distinction awarded to CLIPER as part of its participation in the project “Portugal does it Better”, which was awarded the SELO SILVER, comes to recognize the good performance of the company in terms of Social Responsibility.

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