Interior Decoration: The influence of floors and coatings


Interior Decoration: The influence of floors and coatings

When we talk about interior decoration, we often forget about floors and coatings. . These two elements have a great influence on the decoration of the spaces because everything starts from there.

Therefore, before starting your decorations, it is important to consider coatings and floors. Everything must be in harmony. Also, these two elements can be changed to your preference.

The influence of floor and coatings in interior decoration

Floor and coatings are critical to our comfort, but it is also essential for interior decoration. These elements are the center of all decoration. Everything must be thought of from this base.

Also, wall coatings are important in the decoration as a whole. Most people think that redecorating the home involves major works and shopping. However, simply changing the wall coatings gives the space a new life.

Floors and Interior Decoration

The choice of floors is essential to organize all the interior decoration of your home. The choice of color is fundamental, because it is one of the elements that occupy the most space. Therefore, having the right floor tone for decoration makes a big difference.

Light or dark floor?

One of the big questions when choosing the floor shade is whether to choose a dark or light shade.

The clear floor is very versatile and gives the feeling that space is larger than it is, especially when space has a natural light source and the cleanest decoration.

Choosing a clear floor fits in elegant and bright designsThis tone allows you to highlight other details in the decoration.

Dark flooring is not as versatile as light flooring, but it is a valid choice for interior decoration. There are styles to suit all tastes. A black floor with straight furniture allows for sophisticated decoration. Rectified and semi-polished for example, it is perfect for a more classic decoration.

However, dark floors should not be used in all spaces, so as not to tire, and give the impression that space is smaller than it is.

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Best colors for interior decoration

Neutral tones are always a better choice when it comes to interior decoration, as they allow for a greater diversity of styles.

The white floor is widely used, but it is nonetheless a controversial option. On one hand, it allows any style of decoration, gives the feeling that the spaces are wider, conveys calm and harmony. On the other hand, white floors get dirty more easily.

The black, as we mentioned earlier, is one of the most elegant and sophisticated shades available for flooring. In addition to allowing for various decorative possibilities, it brings a unique personality to your home. However, as they make the environment smaller, it is a good option to use it in open spaces or high walls.

Beige flooring creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere and allows for a multitude of interior decoration styles. They are great for those who want to create a simpler, minimalist decor.

The gray color for the floors has been widely chosen in recent years. It is seen today as the new neutral. It is perfect for the most modern and personality-filled decorations.

As we can see throughout this article, the choice of flooring and coatings is crucial for interior decoration. The choice must be made with the result in mind.

When in doubt, consult our distributors to help you make your project real.