CLiPER will present on CERSAIE 2018’s edition in Bologna the series Traffic, Lek, Isle, Robur and Taff.


TRAFFIC: “Terrazzo” aspect, with soft surface of R10 class and resistant to medium / high intensity traffic. Suitable for coating any domestic area both indoor and outdoor has a vintage look of the current trend. Due to its good resistance to slipping, high resistance to wear TRAFFIC can also be recommended for coating public spaces such as restaurants, offices or commercial spaces. It is presented in 60×60 and 45×45 formats.

LEK: Initially designed to respond to a specific market request this collection quickly became a success hence the option to enter it into the catalogue. A range of 5 colors with slightly detonated graphics, presented in 3 formats 45×45, 33×60 and 60×60, suitable for coating of walls and floors, combines perfectly with the decoration of any space giving them a simple and elegant appearance. The multiple formats and finishes adjust to this collection and different types of budget.

ISLE: Inspired by the freshness of the terracotta, the Isle gives name to a strong character collection. With good resistance to traffic the collection presented in the formats 33×33 60×60 includes a selection of decorations that brings us back to the tradition of the Mediterranean tile. Isle is also available with an anti-slip version.

ROBUR. Robust, long-lasting and timeless wood with a fine relief designed by the application of penetrating glass. This collection brings us a real oak wood ideal for modulating with the format 60×60.

TAFF: Collection recreated from the volcanic stone, presented in 2 formats 33×60 and 60×60. Complete with a selection of decors in modern and classic styles, it fits equally well with wall and floor covering providing soft and cosy environments.